Beedle's state tree is a single object that can contain whatever data you want. It's guarded by a Proxy which keeps an eye on things for you and tells Beedle if something has been modified.

Example object

const initialState = {
    title: 'A title',
    items: [
            title: 'Item 1',
            url: '/'

Getting an item

Presuming you've instantiated Beedle like the getting started example, you can access state in a couple of ways.


Here's a basic example of getting the title from state once the storeInstance has been created.

// An initialised store. Params redacted for brevity
const storeInstance = new Store({

// Log the title of the above state example

You can also use a destructuring assignment to clean things up a bit

// Get the state only
const { state } = storeInstance;


Modifying state

To modify state, it's best to dispatch an action. Head over there to carry on.

Move to Actions guide >.